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How to obtain the refund of VAT on purchases
  Tax Free Shopping !   Discover the ...

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Hotel Parco delle Agavi
* * * * ITALIA

Il Moresco Grand Hotel Terme
Ischia Porto
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Hotel Grazia Terme
Lacco Ameno
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Hotel Ulisse
Ischia Porto
* * * ITALIA

How to obtain the refund of VAT on purchases


Tax Free Shopping !


Discover the treasures of Ischia’s island. Welcome to Ischia ! There are so many things to do and see: sea and spa treatments, treasures, romantic landscapes, the pleasures of good food and music, traditional crafts and folklore, concert and theatre seasons.


And what about shopping ?


In Ischia’s island you will also find some of Europe most enticing shops.

Just look for the Tax Free Shopping sign. And indulge in numerous great pleasures. You’ll find fashion, leatherwear, shoes and jewellery from the most renowned brands. And remember that Tax Free makes your buying worthwhile. Turn your trip into a money saving experience. And a reward for yourself. Tax Free Shopping in Ischia’s island. In Ischia there are many opportunities to benefit from Tax Free Shopping, more than 100 retail outlets are offering the service. The affiliated stores are displaying our well-known Tax Free Shopping logo, and helpful staff will guide you through the process. The tax ( VAT ) on the purchases you make in Italy can be 21%, 10% or 4%, depending on what kind of goods you are buying, and it is included in the sales price. All visitors residing outside of the European Union are entitled to claim back the tax, if they spend euro 154,94 or more in one shop in one day. The goods need to be exported within three months plus the month of purchase. Example: if you make your purchases on April 10th, you must leave the country no later than July 31st. After deduction of the handling expenses, Global Blue will refund you in any way of your choice.


tax free    How to get your refund.

After deduction of the handling expense, you will receive the VAT refund in any way of your choice. You can cash your Global Blue cheque in Ischia at “ POINT RU " Tour Operator - Via Alfredo De Luca 101 - Ischia Porto - phone 081.3331398.

Discover the pleasures of Tax Free Shopping. When using our worldwide Tax Free Shopping service you can enjoy some of the world's most exciting shops and make your shopping into a money-saving experience. All you have to do is to look for the Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signs in shop windows or inside the shop, and make your purchases there. Choose your shopping destination and start exploring how you can benefit from Tax Free Shopping !


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