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Hotel Miramare e Castello
Ischia Porto



The interior of this beautiful hotel have forms typical of Mediterranean, with arches and vaults barrel in public areas. Spectacular is a projection towards the sea with outdoor spaces, like the roof garden, outside the restaurant on the pier, the private beach. The furnishings are based on pastel colours typical of places of the sea, and each plan has its characteristic colour, the pavement is in Vietri ceramics, in some areas, like the restaurant, is still the original construction of the fifties.

STANDARD ROOM. Room with a view inside, the gardens below, or on Mount Epomeo. Furnished in wood colour pastel, with desk window or balcony. Bath, often with window, most with tub.

SEA VIEW ROOM. Room with a view sea front, with great panoramic window in the vicinity of which are arranged two armchairs ( or chairs ) and a small table. Scriptorium separately. The furniture is like for standard rooms in blue or green. Usually larger than a standard room, often also has a bath tub with a sea view.

SEA VIEW ROOM BALCONY. Room with a view sea front, with large balcony that leads to a private terrace overlooking the beach. In the area in front of the balcony are arranged two armchairs and a coffee table. All rooms are on the first floor. Furnishing as for the other rooms, in yellow. The bathroom with tub and panoramic.

SUITE CASTLE. Junior suites with bedroom and living room separately. On the first floor. The bedroom has a window that looks over the Aragonese Castle and a balcony at the corner of sea view and Castle. The sitting room has a view on CASTLE ARAGONESE and is equipped with a sofa, two chairs, table, wardrobe and TV and desk. The bathroom with tub and panoramic.

SUITE MIRAMARE. Junior suites with bedroom double, a single bedroom, living area with three chairs and table, large terrace directly on the sea ( suitable for family accommodation ). On the first floor. The bathroom is internal and bath. The internal spa HOTEL TERME MARE BLU uses only its own thermo-mineral waters, taken directly from the source daily cycle without any treatment. The composition salt-brom-iodio is complemented by the chloride ion sulphate, which enriches the therapeutic properties for the benefit of further disruption dermatological. The waters were known since 1600, an era in which were used and marketed at the nearby Franciscan monastery of San Antonio. The applications range from mud, the baths, not neglecting the curative properties for the skin, effective in applications aesthetic. In the form of inhalations and aerosols are the protection ideal for respiratory illnesses and care more natural to avoid chronic diseases.

THE SPA TREATMENTS AND THE INFORMATION THERAPEUTIC. Dermatology: acne, eczema, rashes, cellulite, etc.. Metabolic diseases: obesity, gout. Orthopaedics: arthritis, results of fractures, myalgia, chronic forms ( not in the acute phase ) of rheumatism, arthritis, tendonitis, tallonite.         ENT: rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, chronic catarrhal.


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