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Villa Fortuna
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Grand Hotel d'Aragona
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Hotel Parco dei Principi
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Ischia : history



Continuing along the coast we come to Lacco Ameno, once a picturesque fishing village, it is now the site of many large luxury hotels with thermal springs, bathing and mud facilities. The natural feature which immediately leaps to your attention is the “ Fungo ” - a curious rock the sea has eroded into a mushroom shape.

Lacco Ameno has the most radioactive thermal water known so far, which , along with the beauty of the place, explains the presence of high quality guests from all over the world.

Lacco Ameno is rich in archaeological ruins. Visit the excavations of Monte Vico with its findings of the ancient Pithecusa, the Archaeological Museum , the Sanctuary of Santa Restituta.

The beaches of Lacco Ameno are incredibly beautiful , especially the Bay of San Montano which is an oasis of lush vegetation.

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